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Moving to Fitchburg - Leominster Massachusetts area Resources

Welcome to the Greater Gardner area from Huhtala Oil.  Click play button to view a welcome video










This page is intended to be a resource to those moving to the Fitchburg - Leominster area. Email additions to

Banks     Businesses  Cable tv  Chamber of Commerce   Cellular phone service   Churches     Driver's License Electric  Floor Coverings  Garage Sale   Heating Oil   Internet  Landscaping  Meats  Moving Tips  Real Estate      Satellite tv     Statistics  Telephone   Trash  Vet  Zip Codes

Bank accounts: to establish that new checking and/or savings account

  • Banknorth Massachusetts

  • Barre Savings Bank Barre, Princeton 

  • Family Federal Savings, Fitchburg

  • Fitchburg Savings Bank

  • Fleet Bank

  • IC Credit Union - Fitchburg, Leominster, Westminster

  • Sovereign Bank

  • Workers' Credit Union   ^top

Businesses in the Fitchburg-Leominster area all welcome you!  Visit the business listings on each town page


Cable TV Service  to get cable tv -  company varies by town

Charter Communications  1-(800) 634-1008

Comcast  1-800-COMCAST    



Chamber of Commerce for more local info:  North Central Mass. Chamber of Commerce (978) 353-7600


Cellular phone service to set up a new cell phone account  Cingular    



Church   Please visit our churches page here



Driver's license/registration  Mass RMV  from out-of-state call (617) 351-4500 ,

 in-state call 1-(800) 858-3926


Electric service  Massachusetts Electric 1-800-322-3223   to start service you can visit this   


Floor coverings  Rug Shack (978) 632-8863


Garage sale advertising

  •  free on our classified pages    ^top

Heating Oil

  • Huhtala Oil  (978) 632-1221    

  • People's Fuel  (978) 632-4890 


Internet service 

  • Net1Plus local provider dialup and high speed DSL  

  • Cable Internet Comcast  1-800-COMCAST  


  •  Concrete Solutions (978) 669-0088  199 East Broadway, (Route 2A), Gardner



  • Bonk's Market 293 Pine Street (978) 632-1005     



Real Estate - resources for Buyers and Sellers


Satellite TV

  • Direct TV  1-(800) Directtv  

  • Dish Network 1-(800) 333-3474

Schools   Click here for our schools page


Statistics  Superb information with easily accessible town statistics


Telephone service   Verizon 1- (800) 870-9999     




  • Central Mass. Disposal  (978) 297-0110

  • Waste Management 1-(800) 545-4560


Vet for your pet

Zip Codes for area towns are:


Winchendon 01475

How to Have a Back-friendly Moving Experience

(ARA) - Moving is widely viewed as one of the most stressful things you can do. Add back strain from improperly lifting heavy boxes and furniture, and moving can become downright agonizing.

"Back pain is one of the most common ailments in America," says Tom Dent, a veteran appliance mover and inventor. "About 80 percent of us will experience back pain at some point in our adult lives. Most often, it will be because we lifted something that was too heavy, or we lifted a manageable load in an improper way."

In 2004, the last year for which statistics are available, the country's largest moving companies moved more than 2.7 million tons of cargo, with a total value in excess of $744 million, according to the American Moving and Storage Association. Still, companies that rent vans, trucks and equipment for self-movers continue to do a brisk business, and even those who can pay for a professional move don't always pay for professional packers.

"That's a lot of opportunity for back injuries," Dent notes. While moving stress may be inevitable, you can avoid compounding the misery with back pain. Follow these suggestions for a back-safe move:

* Pack wisely. "As much as possible, avoid packing boxes that are too heavy for you to lift without assistance," Dent says. "When you have to load a heavy box, be sure the contents are secure so that the load doesn't shift dangerously while you are lifting or transporting it."

* Clear a path. When you're up to your elbows in boxes, it's easy to find every available inch of floor space covered. But before you lift that load, make sure you've got a clear path to your destination. You won't be able to see well or move obstacles out of your way once the load is in your arms.

* When lifting a load, keep your back straight and bend your knees. Keep your head up and look straight ahead to ensure your back remains perpendicular to the ground. Hold the object securely and use the large, powerful leg muscles to lift the weight. Avoid twisting or turning at the waist when lifting. Turn your entire body by moving your hips first, which will force your shoulders to stay in line.

* Use the right tools for the job. Hand trucks should be used to transport multiple boxes at once or smaller items of furniture. They work great on level ground or even gentle inclines, but hand trucks aren't good for moving items up or down stairs. Hand trucks can also damage floors and are difficult to maneuver around tight turns.

After years of professionally moving furniture and large appliances, Dent set out to invent a better way to manage large pieces of furniture and appliances. He created the Shoulder Dolly, a patented harness system that allows users to lift with their legs and safely lift very heavy, large loads - from big screen TVs to entertainment centers, dressers, mattress, sofas, appliances and virtually any heavy or bulky item in the home.

Working in two-person teams, users strap into the Shoulder Dolly, slip the carrying strap under the item to be lifted, and then use their leg muscles to lift the weight. The Shoulder Dolly helps users keep their spines aligned, which in turn encourages lifting with the legs, rather than with the back.

To learn more about the Shoulder Dolly, or to find a retailer near you, go to or call (800) 217-1114.

Courtesy of ARA Content

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